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La Noria

La Noria (XLVI), Antonio Machado, 1907

La tarde caía
triste y polvorienta.

El agua cantaba
su copla plebeya
en los cangilones
de la noria lenta.

Soñaba la mula
¡pobre mula vieja!,
al compás de sombra
que en el agua suena.

La tarde caía
triste y polvorienta.

Yo no sé qué noble,
divino poeta,
unió a la amargura
de la eterna rueda
la dulce armonía
del agua que sueña,
y vendó tus ojos,
¡pobre mula vieja!…

Mas sé que fue un noble,
divino poeta,
corazón maduro
de sombra y de ciencia.

Nostalgia Travel

Nostalgia: Published

As my undergrad career came to a close and I burrowed in academic research, the unique way that experiences translate in my mind began to make much more sense: I have a thing for nostalgia.

Everything I see and participate in somehow transforms into a massive chain of memories, thoughts, and sensory experiences that trace to various other experiences in my life, or imagined experiences that I would like to have.

When I travel, I obsess with the heart of place and people, spending my time unstructured, wandering, meeting, talking, discovering, observing, and feeling the pulse of the old soul buried under a modernized image.


Nostalgia: A (post)modern journey through Europe

I’ve grown obsessed with nostalgia, and hope to get you hooked, too.

Finally, I have my first publication, and on my favorite topic!  It’s entitled “Nostalgia: A (post)modern journey through Europe.”  EntreMares Magazine was absolutely wonderful to work with, and they have a great purpose and vision for their publications.  All of their material is fantastic.

I invite you to read my essay and browse through the gallery of select photos of my travels to get a taste of how nostalgia drives my travel experiences.  I welcome your comments.


Kindling Nostalgia

Middle of the Beginning

A sandy beach on Lake Superior.

A buoy dinging in adagio rhythm.

A gentle breeze syncopating the waves.

Zero light pollution, the Milky Way splitting the sky, and a faint curtain of northern lights spotlighting above Grand Island and prancing over the dark northern horizon, Capella at their core.

I come here to slip away under the enormous planetarium above, dissolve into the sands of time.

There are no demands, no expectations,
just my breath in harmony with the spectacular scene majestically turning around me,
validating the importance of my presence in that very place
and the greatness which lay ahead.