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Body: A Complete 360

Mexican by Marriage

  • Well-being

    Let’s Do a Complete 360

    I’m a 32-year old woman. I weigh 360 pounds. Yes, 360 pounds. What does that number – 360 pounds – mean to you?  What do you think of when you hear…

  • engagement - BrandonBurkPhotography.com
    Mexican by Marriage

    A Musical Mafia Proposal

    The day has come – I’m eating my words. I always made fun of people for getting engaged so quickly, and it just happened to me. Yossiho and I met six…

  • Steph USFS

    From Smokey to Cedar

    This week, I decided to change the name and feel of my blog. I started it as “Smokey Drives a Cadillac” two years ago while I was working with the US…

  • fig smoothie

    Fig Smoothie

    Never go to Costco hungry. Tomorrow I’m hosting a gourmet grilled cheese gathering, and before heading to the local Italian market, Caputo’s (it has its own cheese cave!), I decided to…

  • iwasbroken


    In between the burning shade and the fading light.…

  • halloumi

    Grilled Halloumi

    The first time I had halloumi, I was actually in London, not its native Cyprus. It was a spring day in April, and I had just hopped off the 140 double decker bus…

  • five-minute tabbouleh

    Five-minute Tabbouleh

    As a teenager, when my family would go out to eat, I’d order a big, greasy ruben sandwich.  The giant plate was always delivered heaped with piles of thick-cut fries and…