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Hello from from the honeymooners!


The wedding festivities are over and the stress has finally dwindled, flaking off along the road on our way up here to Bellingham, Washington to enjoy each other’s company without too much worry of life for a week.



Weddings are stressful.



…but the drive isn’t.


Bugs and pines.


I now know why he loves roadtrips.


A friend from my life as a belly dancer, Lis, lives with her sweet family here in Bellingham in a cohousing community, and invited us to stay in the guest common house (old barn house) for a few days. We have loved it.

ch bellingham

The commonhouse, our home for a few days.



Lis made our welcome sweetly romantic.


Lis’s hospitality awaited us!

We have spent simple time together, enjoying each other’s company walking along the bay, in old town, on a trail, meandering the local supermarket for hours, sleeping way too much, or making breakfast (eggs, alder and applewood smoked bacon, and pico de gallo and tortillas, of course).

Breakfast at Mount Bakery: Smoked salmon eggs benedict!


Breakfast at Mount Bakery and locally brewed kombucha.


View from Chuckanut


We spent a solid half hour finessing this little guy.


at Marine Park

Marine Park

The good life.


We attempted to watch a scary movie the other night and fell asleep, and last night we rented a redbox movie and never even got it out of the case before falling asleep. Today we planned to go to Seattle, but have postponed until tomorrow and will spend another day wandering peaceful Bellingham.

Yesterday we slept way too much, but think we are caught up now! We went to the visitor center and got a few maps and then spent a few hours on the trails at Whatcom Falls Park.






Contemplating married woman status.



i just love my rings in the forest.


Leaves as big as your head!



Exploring the trails attentively.


We ended the night with dinner at Rock and Rye Oyster House, where we ordered poutine (!!!), oyster chowder, and a mixed dozen of local Sea Cow and Kamumoto oysters. They were absolutely delicious!

To top it all off, we wandered Fred Meyer to make a grab bag of candy to go with our redbox that we never watched.

Today, we want to go to the local seafood marketing Chuckanut Drive (serious) and pick up some oysters to munch on our own. We will drive farther down Chuckanut and spend some time in the state park. It is gloomy gray and gorgeous and we are so thrilled!


homework in the commonhouse

Yossiho doing his homework in the common house.


Yossiho is doing homework so I wanted to take a moment to write a post so I don’t forget too much about this week. I’m using the new iPhone he bought me…I’ve had an old HTC my entire smartphone life (with no aspirations for an iPhone) and it drove him nuts, so he surprised me with a wedding gift for himself, er, I mean, for me, and handed me a new iPhone 6S. I never used my Droid to its full potential at all, so I thought I’d try to make better use of this one.  One thing I do like is that it is easier to type and text, which means I may actually write in my blog more! Let’s just hope I edit more in the future and don’t ramble like I am now. I’d like to think a honeymoon and a new phone are both a “get out of jail free” card for quality blog posting.

Tomorrow we head to Seattle to explore for a day, followed by a visit to my great aunt in Port Angeles that never met, a drive around the lush Olympic Peninsula and down the coast to Portland, back to Utah via the Columbia River Gorge and Multnomah Falls. We actually have no written plan or reservations, but this is what we are mulling around in our minds.

Off to distract Yossiho from doing his homework!

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