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January 2016


5 Ways To Make Friends When Traveling

“You know people everywhere!”

“You have an insane network of people.”

“I go to Spain, I come home with one friend.  You go to Spain, you come back with 150 friends.”

I can’t count how many times I’ve been told any one of these when travel comes up in conversation with friends.  Whether it be during brainstorming on where to visit next or recommending a city, I seem to have the innate (and subconscious) power of offering up relationships I’ve kindled across the globe.  “I have a friend we can stay with,” or “Let me call my friend in __(insert random city here)__ for you…it’s only a 20 minute train ride from where you’re heading, and I know she’d love to meet up for a coffee.”


carlos diaz

In the Basque Country with Linda (from Germany), my BFF I made while traveling in Portugal.


Since every time I take the Myers Briggs personality test I end up right on the border of introvert and extrovert, I’m always surprised that someone thinks I have such a large network of contacts.  When I travel, I prefer to travel solo.  Solo travel is where I found me.  Perhaps it’s where I honed my extrovert skills, too.  I’ve got friends in over 50 countries, and I feel welcome to visit any of them at any time.

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