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March 2015


From Smokey to Cedar

This week, I decided to change the name and feel of my blog.

I started it as “Smokey Drives a Cadillac” two years ago while I was working with the US Forest Service.

Steph USFS

Working on the Hiawatha National Forest

I wore the Smokey Bear mascot uniform that summer, and I drove my mom’s 1995 Fleetwood Brougham Cadillac.  The two had an element of nostalgia and felt like a great name for a place to experience chapters in life.

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Fig Smoothie

Never go to Costco hungry.

Tomorrow I’m hosting a gourmet grilled cheese gathering, and before heading to the local Italian market, Caputo’s (it has its own cheese cave!), I decided to swing by Costco to beat the crowds. I was right: at 9:30am, there was still a chance to park within a mile of the door.

fig smoothie

I went to Costco with a grumbling stomach, but felt pretty good willpower to fight the urge to purchase everything in sight. My problem wasn’t snacks or junk food. My battle is the produce section! All I wanted to do was devour every piece of fruit in sight. Between meat, cheese, and berries for the party and my enormous fruit craving, $222 later I was reassuring myself that everything would be okay.

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