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September 2013


Broke & Bread

So…I’m broke.

It’s the inevitable between adventures gallivanting around the planet.

I understand that compared to most of humanity, I’m ahead of the game.  Even with $$$$$ in student debt.

That being said, I’m done with my seasonal summer stint with the U.S. Forest Service and back in Salt Lake job hunting.  I’ve got to make my minimal weekly living stipend from the summer stretch.

I’ve never been one to live on ramen.  Okay, maybe my freshman year in the dorms, but in the past dozen years it hasn’t happened.

I’m also not one to make a sandwich.  Sandwiches bore me.  Every time I am asked by a friend to decide where we should go to grab lunch or dinner I cringe knowing that they are secretly hoping to chat at Zuppa’s or pay two hours wage at Paradise Bakery.  What is it with 20-something females?  Salad and sandwich places.  Yaaaaawn….

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